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Consumer Protection

The methodology used to secure the customer sensitive information, from a technical perspective, entails many approaches. Jetli transfer is extremely sensitive to the need of protecting customer information. Also, Jetli transfer is aware that it must ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data it transmits electronically from Jetli Transfer to service providers and vice versa.

Jetli Transfer affiliates of R&R Group LLC do not have access to Jetli Transfer’s customers’ confidential information.

From time to time, the customer may request assistance from Head Office with completion of the identification verification of potential customers referred to the Head Office.

In order to comply with your business objectives, R&R Group LLC. has structured its Information Security Model, which is based on: Principles, Policies, Norms, Procedures, and Standards.


They are the foundation on which the R&R GROUP LLC. Security Model is supported, described here under:


To ensure that Jetli Transfer’s information is accessed only by personnel having a legitimate need in order to perform their functions, so as to prevent use or dissemination thereof in an unauthorized manner.


To ensure that the information is protected against unauthorized modifications to guarantee consistency, accuracy, and completeness thereof.


To ensure continuity of Jetli Transfer’s service with updated data, whenever required for Jetli Transfer’s processes.


To ensure that business information and personal information of customers is used for the purposes for which it was obtained, and is not disseminated without authorization.


To ensure follow-up of events taking place by having access to the information.


Information Security procedures are an integral part of the R&R GROUP LLC Information Security Model and are intended to formally document the main operating actions to be performed so as to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information, in such a way that it may be processed, transported, or stored via informatics means, such as software, hardware, networks, and other related facilities, keeping the security levels accepted by R&R GROUP LLC. Through the application of procedures herein recorded, which are in turn based on Information Security Policies and Informatics Security Norms, R&R GROUP LLC defines how the information is protected homogeneously and consistently considering its critical nature for the business.


Jetli Transfer Information Security Program sets out the minimum security standards, which must be configured in the various technological platforms that Jetli Transfer. has implemented, so as to preserve the service levels safely, maintaining a cost / benefit balance between the services and security offered by Jetli Transfer. to service providers and vice versa.


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