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We offer an efficient way for the Haitian Diaspora to send groceries, food & packaged goods to loved ones in Haiti. We do this through a simple platform with end-to-end service that is quick, secure, and reliable; all while cutting costs and passing those savings on to our customers.
Our customers shop online and we deliver to their loved ones home in Haiti!

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Technology to Put Your Mind at Ease

Mailing cash to your loved ones comes with the risk that it ends up lost, stolen or destroyed. Or, it may not be used for the purpose you intended it. But with our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and efficiently shop for essential items (send groceries/ send goods/ send electronics/ send appliances) to be delivered straight to your loved one’s doorstep in Haiti, risk-free. Our service is fast and secure. It’s never been easier to help your native community while simultaneously contributing to the entire Haitian economy.

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Uplifting the Haitian Economy

By fostering a platform for Haitian Americans to easily support their family and friends on the island, our efforts ultimately help improve the Haitian economy.

Foreign exchange in the form of remittances from Haitian Americans account for more than ¼ of Haiti’s GDP. The United States is home to the world’s largest Haitian American community.

This means that a significant percentage of Haiti’s economy relies on Haitian Americans sending money back to their families for food or other essential items.

We strive to streamline that economic assistance into a quick, efficient and reliable process.

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Meet Our Founder

Rudy Rocourt is the Founder and CEO of Jetli Transfer. Raised in Port-au-Prince, Rudy grew up knowing the true value of Haitian Americans sending money home. Every year, Haitians abroad contribute more than 20% of Haiti’s GDP so that people can purchase food, school supplies, and other necessities to transform their lives.

Before starting Jetli Transfer, Rudy earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University at Albany. He then spent over a decade of his career in international finance and financial technology. He has worked across the U.S., India, and the Caribbean at Citibank and BNY Mellon.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, Rudy returned home to head Citibank Haiti’s Treasury department, and quickly realized the incredible impact of remittances from Haitian Americans on the economy. In this moment, Rudy decided he wanted to leverage technology to offer better services for this $2 billion underserved market at home and abroad.

The inspiration for Jetli Transfer was born. Rudy is also fluent in French and Haitian Creole, and is a passionate supporter of financial inclusion in Haiti and the US.

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A propos denous

JETLI est une entreprise, spécialisée en e-commerce, qui connecte les membres de la diaspora à leur famille et leurs amis vivant dans leur pays d’o rigine. Nous offrons à la diaspora haïtienne une plateforme simple et un service complet pour l’envoi de produits emballés à leurs proches en Haïti. Nous offrons un service rapide, sûr et fiable et disposons d’une stratégie de réductions des coûts favorables à nos clients. Les haïtiens vivant à l’étranger contribuent hautement à l’économie haïtienne et l’objectif de JETLI est d’augmenter l’impact de leurs contributions en offrant à la diaspora un meilleur contrôle du pouvoir d’achat qu’elle génère. Nous sommes fiers de fournir à nos clients, qui donnent tellement en retour à leur communauté, le service de qualité qu’ils méritent.

Kiyès nouye

JETLI se yon antrepriz espesyalize nan komès sou entènèt ki konekte manm dyaspora ansanm avèk fanmi epi zanmi ki viv nan peyi dorijin yo. Nou pote bay pou dyaspora ayisyèn yòn platfòm senp ak yon sèvis konplè pou li kapab voye pwodui tou anbale pou moun li yo ki viv nan Peyi Dayiti. Sèvis nou a baze sou rapidite, sekirite ak konfyans epitou li pèmèt kliyan nou yo jwenn bon pri. Ayisyen ki viv lòt bò dlo bay anpil koraj nan ekonomi peyi a e nou menm nan JETLI objektif nou an se ogmante enpak kontribisyon sa yo epitou bay pis kontwòl sou pouvwa dacha moun pa yo. Nou kontan dèske nou bay kliyan nou yo bon jan sèvis paske yo merite li pou tout sipò yo bay kominote yo.

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